SmartSYS™ is built by CFOs for CFOs.
Our award winning patented solution, SmartSYS™, specifically designed for Corporate Decision Makers, who need faster, more timely and insightful information, for CPM (Corporate Performance Management).
  • Automated process
  • Intuitive design with data access within a few clicks.
  • Presents reports in seconds.
  • Analyse whole or part of any business – instantly.
  • Improved workflow processes.
  • More time for analysis and reviewing.
  • Reduces risk and omissions.
  • Greater opportunity for ad hoc reports.
  • Customise information.
  • Management can run their own reports.
  • Utilise as a planning and forecasting tool.
  • Support forensic accounting with historical data.
  • Effective user interface.
  • Easily understood information.
  • Management can run their own reports.
  • Multiple users with different needs.
SmartSYS™ simplifies the consolidation process, and segmentation reporting. It allows you to report CbC (Country by Country) instantly, in any currency and choice of language, across multiple financial cycles.
Promotes time efficiency.
Create customised reports for specific needs.
Reduces human error and the amount of man hours needed.
Caters for multiple and potentially incompatible systems.
Includes historical data.
Reflects changing management structures.

Business Health

Many businesses do not even know they are underperforming. We understand the importance of Business Health on a business can transform your business to being efficient and effective resulting is stronger cash-flows and improved financial performance.

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SmartSYS™ is a compelling and innovative new tool in the financial services sector with a focus specifically on business reporting, analytics and diagnostics. Unlike other better known products in this space this system fits into a niche where it can be implemented quickly and, due to some of the clever and intuitive user interface options it can also become operational very quickly. The product will be a serious alternative to the industry giants in this market.

- Consensus Group