We believe decision-making is an empowering process where the CEO, Board Members, Senior Executives and every Manager should be making informed decisions with accurate and timely information, irrespective of where they are or what the size of the organization is.

The Cronus Group’s vision is to offer services that not only remove the challenges that are holding your business back, but transform it and allow it to reach its full potential.

We will work with you by managing your business intelligence, its overall health and your potential capital requirements to help you transition into using best practice to optimize your performance and minimise risk.

The Cronus Group will not only improve your business and bottom line performance but also leave you with the foundation, tools and systems to manage and continue growth long after we have gone.

We achieve this by supporting you in 3 key areas: 

Business Intelligence

SmartSYS™ is a Business Reporting Analytics and Diagnostic Tool that enables Business Decision Makers to combine quantitative information from multiple business sources into a single system. Our software simplifies this consolidation process to create customizable reports.

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Business Health

Our Business Health management specialist that will support the business to optimize business performance and reduce risk.

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Business Capital

We can provide and facilitate the necessary capital to fund business growth, productivity and profitability.

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